miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2011

Edublog Award Nominations

It's time for The Edublog Awards 2011 Award, this year we have learned and shared a lot and it's time to recognize those who have learned and thought about education, ecology and biology. Here my list of nominees:
1. Best individual blog: e-learning, knowledge networking and collective web 
Excellent blog on education, its challenges and problems, you do not agree with it but you have to read and reflect on what it says.
2. Best individual tweeter @juandoming 
Not afraid to say and share your thoughts on information technology and communication and its use in education, to follow is to learn, share and collaborate.
3. Best group blog: Red EducaPR 
Group Puerto Rico educators concerned with the education and integration of information technology and education in the schools of their country.
4. Best class blog: The Shed 
Classroom Blog on Spanish language and literature
5. Vital Best Biology Student Blog 
Blog of one of my best high school students of Bachelors Valle de Orizaba in Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico in the field of biology.
6. Best tech ed / resource sharing blog: Arturogoga 
Excellent links about technology and its application in daily life, including school.
7. Best twitter hashtag: #education 
Hashtag excellent for resources, links, analysis and reflections on education and new information and communication technologies in the Spanish language
8. Best teacher blog: The Blog of Evolutionibus 
Excellent reference blog for biological material
9. Best librarian / library blog: Booksellers
Blog about books and digital and physical libraries, history and future, a space for reflection andanalysis on the books past, present and future.
10. Best free web tool: Free Technology for Teachers' 
Excellent site with many free resources for use in the Best Educational School
11. Use of audio / video / visual / podcast: Eduteka
In Spanish, the best site to learn and apply information and communication technologies in schools, including links, tutorials and recommendations
12. Best open PD / unconference / webinar series: NECCP Mexico

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